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Happy Birthday Ridgefield!

This year we are commemorating the offical opening of Ridgefield Primary School 20 years ago. In that time the school has grown, changed staff and seen some difficult times. However, one thing has remained throughout – that the school has been at the centre of a buzzing community at all times!


Each year we have themed weeks throughout the year. This term we have had an English focus week and our theme has been Ridgefield’s 20th Birthday.


One of the English events was for children to make a Birthday Bake which they could enter, along with the recipe and ingredients list. You can see some of the entries on the next page.




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We also commissioned our school caterers to make a big birthday cake for Ridgefield and lots and lots of smaller cup-cakes for the children to have as pudding on the final day of the half-term! Thank you to everyone who entered a bake!

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