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The Prevent Duty

What is the Prevent Duty?

The Prevent duty requires all education providers ‘to have due regard to the need to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism’. This means that we teach children to uphold the values of democracy, the rule of law and the tolerance of those of differing beliefs. This includes safeguarding children, young people and adult learners from extremist ideologies and radicalisation.


Most importantly, providers should consider the needs of children, young people and adult learners at each stage of the safeguarding process. Providers should consider radicalisation concerns in line with their existing safeguarding processes, skills and experience.


Our Prevent Lead is Mr. Axten-Higgs.

NSPCC: Parents worried about radicalisation

At the NSPCC, we understand that when a young person's behaviour changes, it can be concerning. If you're worried about a child, even though it might be nothing, there's no harm in talking it through. For help and support, call our helpline anytime on 0808 800 500 or visit

For parents looking for more information about how to prevent their children from becoming radicalised, why not look at the NSPCC's page below? 

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