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Whole School Events

Week Beginning 26th September


3rd – 4th October:        Meet the Teacher                16:30 /17:00               Classrooms            ALL YEAR GROUPS


Each evening we will hold a session for parents to meet their child’s class teacher. The class teachers will give you an overview of what they are covering with their classes this year, what visits are coming up, as well as routines and classroom rules. Dates for each class are listed below.


Year 5: Monday 3rd October

Year 6: Tuesday 4th October (at 17:00)


4th October:        Visit by Lord Woolley                10:00               Hall          KEY STAGE 2 YEAR GROUPS


Simon Woolley, Baron of Woodford, political and equalities activist, founder and director of Operation Black Vote, Trustee of the charity Police Now, crossbench member of the House of Lords and first black man to be a principal at any Oxford or Cambridge College, is visiting us at 10am.


He will address the Key Stage 2 classes, talking about his life and work, discuss aspiration and then open our new Learning Cabin for us.


6th October:              Friends of Ridgefield AGM      20:00                  Zoom Meeting         ALL YEAR GROUPS


The Friends will be hosting their Annual General Meeting on Zoom at 20:00. The meeting is open to all parents and staff to attend.


12th October:                    Ridgefield Community International Celebration Evening    5pm - 7pm      Hall and Courtyard           ALL                                                                                                                                                                                                               YEAR GROUPS


On Wednesday 12th October at 5pm – 7pm we are holding a ‘Ridgefield Community International Celebration Evening’. Our school and community is full of many wonderful cultures and we would love to use this opportunity to celebrate this and come together to learn more from each.


We are writing this letter in hope that parents and friends would like to not only attend this evening but also be part of it. You can be part of this fantastic celebration by:

  • Bringing in national dishes and sharing family recipes
  • Reading a story in your home language or a cultural story that is special to you
  • Playing a musical instrument or leading us in different types of music and dances
  • Setting up a ‘culture table’ with objects, national dress and food for people to come and learn from
  • Donating something or asking a local business to donate something for the raffle (e.g. a meal for 2 or local produce from a shop)

If you think there is anything else you could bring to make this evening as wonderful as possible please do get in touch via email or come and find Miss Baxter, Mrs Kuhn or Mrs Fincham.


We look forward to hearing from you and seeing as many of you on the evening as possible. We are so pleased as a school that we are in a place where we can hold events like this again.



13th October:        Share your children's learning                13:30               Classrooms            ALL YEAR GROUPS


All parents are welcome to come to school to see and share their children’s learning from the first half-term.


Parents Evening will be held virtually on  18th and 19th October, so this is an opportunity to come and see your children’s learning ahead of Parents Evening.


We will be welcoming parents from 13:30.


18th October AND 19th October:        Parents Evenings                15:30 - 18:00  / 16:30 - 19:00              Zoom meetings by appointment




Parents evenings will be held via Zoom again this year – since the feedback that we have had regarding childcare and the ability for parents to join from wherever they are has been really positive.


We always hold 2 parents evening sessions, one earlier in the evening and one later, in an attempt to help working parents.


We realise that parents really appreciate having time to look at the children’s books ahead of their meeting with the teachers, which is why the ‘Share the Books’ sessions are always scheduled for the week before parents evenings.


Parents evening sessions are booked online.


19th October:                    Open Morning for prospective parents    pm        tours of school           ALL YEAR GROUPS


We will be holding the second of our 2 open events for parents who are thinking of starting their children at Ridgefield in September 2023. Our next sessions is an Open Afternoon on 19th October. Parents will be able to book one of our child-led tours (13:30, 14:00 or 14:30). They will have a chance to explore Ridgefield whilst children are learning and meet the staff. If you have younger children, and you would like to join us, then please feel free to book a tour. Feel free to recommend us to friends for them to book on to a tour too.


All bookings should be made via the school office by email ( or by phone (01223) 712418


Booking essential!


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