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Young Carers

Are you a Young Carer?

Do you help to look after someone in your family who has a mental or physical illness, disability or is dependent on drugs or alcohol? Do you offer emotional and practical support and take on tasks that are usually done by an adult?


If so, you are a Young Carer and you are not alone. There is plenty of support out there for you.


What can we do to help?

At Ridgefield Primary School we take issues like children being Young Carers seriously. These issues can impact on children's attainment, progress and attendance. Rather than taking punitive measures to punish children who are struggling, we seek to understand the difficulties they are facing and help and support them to overcome these barriers, so that they can continue in their caring roles but also achieve success in school and a love of learning. 


Our Young Carers Champions are: Natalie Fellows and Amy Stebbings. 


Advice and Support

We work with Centre 33, a charitable organisation based in Cambridge, to support our Young Carers. We can offer a Young Carers assessment, which will highlight areas of strengths and weakness and tailor our support package to meet the child's needs. We can also offer friendly support and an understanding ear. 


The photo below shows some of the activities that Centre 33 have organised for Young Carers within Cambridge.

Centre 33

You can find out more about the work that Centre 33 does and how it could support you or a Young Carer you might know. 

Click HERE to find out more about Centre 33, what they do and how they might be able to offer support. 

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