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Senior Leadership Team

Mrs A Morten: Headteacher


- R.E. Coordinator


Hello, my name is Anne Morten and I have had the pleasure of being the Headteacher since September 2010. I started my teaching career in Singapore, a zillion years ago. I also taught in Liverpool and St Helens and learned to appreciate football. Seven years ago, I moved to this wonderful city. I like the diverse culture in Cambridge and Ridgefield and enjoy finding out about life in other countries. My husband and I enjoy walking in open, remote spaces, which are preferably flat and close to the sea. We also enjoy going to concerts with our two daughters, Sian and Rahel.

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Mrs E Neal: Deputy Head & Reception Teacher


- English Coordinator


- PSHE Coordinator


- EYFS Coordinator


- Curriculum Development


Hello, I’m the Deputy Headteacher at Ridgefield Primary School. I’ve been here since the school opened in 2002 and before that I worked at Sedley Infant School. I look after KS1 and I over see Literacy across the school. I am also a Leading Literacy Teacher for the county. I grew up in Yorkshire and moved here to study Geography at University. After working as a cartographer for a few years I retrained at Homerton College to become a teacher.

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Mrs V Trew: Assistant Head & Year 6 Teacher


- Maths Coordinator


Hello, my name is Vicky Trew and I am the Assistant Head, Mathematics co-ordinator and the year 6 class teacher. I moved to Cambridge in 2002 to study forensic science at Anglia Ruskin University. After completing my degree, I spent a semester lecturing and caught the teaching bug. Subsequently, I qualified as a primary school teacher through the graduate teaching program. Now, I thoroughly enjoy teaching and working with the staff and children at Ridgefield. My interests include: jewellery making, art, science and movies, preferably with a large bag of salted caramel popcorn! Please feel free to stop by if you have any questions or comments or would just like to have a chat!

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Mrs K Gregory: SENCO [Tues - Weds]


Hello- My name is Kim Gregory and I joined Ridgefield Primary School as the Year 2 teacher in September 2010. I have taught in Essex and London and  I also spent two years teaching at an international school in Malaysia. This was an amazing experience - not many schools in the UK have to deal with snakes in the playground! If you need to speak to me about any matters concerning SEND either contact the office by E mail or come into school and ask for me. I work Monday - Wednesday and I'm always very happy to chat to you or help you with any concerns you may have.

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Office and Site Staff

Mr J Thomas: School Business Manager

Miss K Dixon: Office Assistant



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Class Teachers

Mrs P Fincham: Nursery


- Learning Mentor


I am the Nursery teacher. I was born in Belfast and I have worked at Ridgefield for seven years. I have lived in the Romsey area of Cambridge for the past twelve years and I have three daughters.

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Mrs K Barber: Reception


- Geography/History Coordinator


Hello, my name is Kay Barber and I have had the pleasure of working at Ridgefield since September 2006. I am originally from the West Midlands and moved to Cambridge for the first time to study English Literature at ARU. I then moved back to Birmingham where I stayed for a few years and it was there that I did my PGCE. I missed Cambridge so much that I moved back here AGAIN in 2005!.  I live in Cambridge with my husband, our daughter, Elise, and Nigel the cat. I am available most days after school so please feel free to pop in for a chat.
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Mrs A Kuhn Year 1 (1KM) [Mon - Weds]


Hello, my name is Anna Kuhn and I was born in Poland, where I qualified as an early years and a primary school teacher. I first visited Cambridge in 2006 and I was so amazed that decided to come back and live here permanently, after finishing my degree. Currently, I am sharing the pleasure of teaching Year 1 (Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays) which I truly enjoy.


Throughout the last six years that I spent in Ridgefield Primary School, I have worked with Polish children and their parents to overcome the language barrier. In my spare time I love drawing, listening to music and spending time with my family and friends. Please feel free to stop by if you have any questions or concerns. Alternatively, you can leave a message and I’ll get back to you.

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Mrs K Martin: Year 1 (1KM) [Thurs - Fri]


Hello, my name is Kinga Martin and currently I teach Year 1.  I am from Hungary and moved to the UK in 2002. I lived in London for a while where I completed my PGCE, followed by two years of teaching in an inner city school.  I moved to Cambridge in 2008 and worked in many schools including Ridgefield. While my two boys were very small, I did supply teaching in lots of schools in different year groups. Now, I enjoy teaching and working with the children, staff and families at Ridgefield.

I am a keen traveller and I try to discover new places every year. I also try to be a runner and take part in a couple of 10K races every year.  In my free time I like cooking, gardening and learning new things.  Please feel free to stop by if you have any questions or comments or leave a message and I’ll get back to you.

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Ms R Etienne: Year 2 (2ER) [Mon - Thurs]


- French Coordinator


- EAL Coordinator


- BME Coordinator


Hello my name is Renée Etienne and I am a fun-loving person, with a keen interest in learning new things and solving problems. I always strive for excellence in everything I do. I joined the Ridgefield 'family' in 2012 as a supply teacher and really enjoyed the teaching and learning atmosphere; luckily for me, they liked what I had to offer too. Currently, I teach year 2 but have worked in years 1, 2, 3 and 4 at Ridgefield and at international schools in the Middle East - which was definitely a wonderful experience.


I am a keen sports person and have a passion for deep sea diving; I try to do this at least once a year. I enjoy travelling, the arts, photography and languages - so being EAL (English as an Additional Language) coordinator suits me perfectly. It gives me great pleasure supporting families who come to us from around the globe or our local communities, working closely with them to provide a safe, enriching and fun learning experience at Ridgefield.


Please feel free to contact the school office if you need support with any EAL concerns.

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Mrs Z Richards: Year 2 (2ER) [Fri] & PPA Cover Teacher


- Art Co-Ordinator
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Miss S Kounnou: Year 3 (3K)


- Computing Coordinator


Hello, my name is Steph. I joined Ridgefield in 2014 and currently teach year 3. I was born and grew up in Cambridge, only leaving briefly to complete my undergraduate degree in London. I returned to Cambridge in 2013 to complete my PGCE at Cambridge’s Faculty of Education, before joining the Ridgefield team a year later. In my free time I love dancing and have tried my hands at most types ranging from ballet to hip-hop; I am currently taking salsa lessons. Please feel free to stop by after school if you have any questions or would just like to have a chat!
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Miss A Hobbs : Year 4 (4H)


Hi my name is Abi Hobbs and I teach year 4 at Ridgefield. A few years ago I moved to Cambridge from Devon, where I grew up. I think Cambridge is a wonderful, diverse place to live and I really enjoyed training to be teacher here. Being a country girl, I love the outdoors, especially being by the sea on the Cornish coast (something I miss living here!). Other interests include: playing hockey, gardening, drawing and painting. Please feel free to pop in after school if you have any questions or would like to talk.

Mrs N Fellows: Year 5 (5F)


Hello, my name is Natalie Fellows and I am the year five teacher at Ridgefield. I moved to Cambridge 5 years ago from a small town in the country to complete my undergraduate degree in English Literature at Anglia Ruskin University. After spending a year working as a teaching assistant I decided to train as a primary school teacher. In my free time I like reading, art and watching films. Please feel free to pop in after school if you have any questions or concerns. 

Support Staff

Miss M Di Palma




I have worked at Ridgefield for over 10 years now. I am currently a teaching assistant in Reception.

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Mrs J Anstee


Hello, I’m Jane Anstee. I transferred to Ridgefield Primary School from Sedley Infant School when this school was built. I have been a Teaching Assistant for nearly 20 years and during that time, I have worked in Reception, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4 and nursery. I have three children and have seven grandchildren: 5 girls, and 2 boys with ages ranging from 5 years to 15 months. I am kept very busy with all the children who get together at weekends.

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Mrs P Di Palma



I started working at Ridgefield in 2009. I am currently working in year 4 as a 1:1 teaching assistant.

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Mrs J Kidman


I grew up on a farm and lived in a small village until I married and moved to the city. I have two boys who both attended Ridgefield and I was an active volunteer for the school and PTA for a number of years. I joined the staff in Autumn of 2006. I enjoy walking and keeping fit and have taken part in ‘Race for Life’.

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Mr N Claughton


I was brought up in Yorkshire, which I miss - especially the lovely hills and countryside. After completing my studies at Lancaster University, I worked there in the physics department as a research associate for a year, before leaving to join the software industry. A few years ago, I decided that working with primary children would be much more rewarding and a great deal more fun than wrestling with computers for a living, and the rest (plus the ever-expanding grey streaks in my hair) is history. In my spare time, I enjoy music, walking from places to other places (especially high-up places), trying to remember things I once knew and spending time with my teens and tweenies - when I can find them that is!


I am currently working in Year 6 - to support our children through this most exciting and challenging year - but I enjoy helping out in other classes when I get the chance (and I have behaved well enough to be let out). I also love talking about octopus, squid and any other cephalopods -  and will happily grab any chance I get to introduce this topic into lessons when my class teacher isn't looking. Shhh!

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Mrs T Willits


I first started working at Romsey Junior School in 1996 and moved to Ridgefield Primary school when Romsey and Sedley merged. I’m also assistant to the Read, Write, Inc. Manager, being involved in regular assessments of all the children on the program and organising resources for the reading groups.

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Mrs Atkinson



I am a teaching assistant and have worked at Romsey and now Ridgefield for the past 16 years. As a TA, I have worked in many of the classes but mainly prefer year 5 and 6. I have lived in the area all my life and have two grown up children and four grandchildren.

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Mr Stigmatoteuthis Hoylei


I am a mollusc. In particular, I am a cephalopod - and more precisely still, a squid. My species inhabits the seas of Ecuador, Madagascar, Mexico and Peru - which was where I hatched. I teach elementary biology, environmental studies and marine ecology in various Cambridgeshire schools on an ad-hoc basis, and occasionally I help out with maths intervention groups in Year 6 on a Tuesday and Thursday morning.


Before moving to Cambridge in early 2010, I worked as a consultant at San Diego Zoo, and as a freelance journalist contributing regularly to the celebrated monthly publications 'Cephalopod World' and the more specialised 'The Squid and You'. I have appeared as a guest speaker at several international conferences and I once owned a purple vintage Daimler!


In my spare time I enjoy playing the trombone, listening to jazz piano and 'walking' in the Mendip Hills with members of my extended family (both slugs and snails). I also like baking, macrame and stamp collecting. I have a passion for swimming and squirting ink at sperm whales; I can't help it - it's genetic.


Please pop into 6K on a Tuesday morning if you fancy a chat, or some advice on how to keep your beak free of parasites and plaque.

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Miss A Stebbings


- Lunchtime Supervisor


I originally joined Ridgefield as a student on work experience in 2010 before becoming a permanent member of the TA staff in 2012. I help out with various clubs including girls' football and I run the sensory circuit activity in the morning. I love football, Harry Potter and owls.

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Ms J Ravel


Having worked in Nurseries for 12 years, along side an After School Club for five, I was ready to change direction in 2013 to become a Teaching Assistant. This is my dream job and I absolutely love it. I have lived in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and have travelled to many places in the world. Travelling remains a passion of mine as does keeping fit.
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Ms C Oakes


I am currently working as a teaching assistant in Nursery. I also work as a lunchtime supervisor. I was born and brought up in the Romsey area and still live there. I have a son who attends Ridgefield. Outside work I enjoy spending time with family and friends. I love football and try to go to watch Cambridge United whenever I can.

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Mr S Carnegie


- Sports Coach


- Breakfast Club Supervisor


I have worked at Ridgefield for 6 years now. I am currently a teaching assistant in the Class 5. I am also the Sports Coach and work alongside the P.E co-ordinator. I also work for Cambridge United as a football coach.
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Miss T Butler


I am working with the reception class and really enjoy being part of a great team and meeting all the children as I onlt started in September 2019

Mrs A Cornwell


I starting working in the Nursery in September 2019 and I love it!

Midday Supervisors


Mrs Alsmade

Mr Bentham

Miss Hall

Mrs Williams


Lucy Cart

Pip Duckett

Josie Ambrose



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