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Meet the Staff

CategoryLead-TeacherTeaching Assistant
HeadteacherMr Axten-Higgs-
Deputy HeadteacherMrs Trew-
SENDCOMrs Gregory -
Nursery TeacherMrs FinchamMiss  Oakes
Mrs Ahktar
Reception TeacherMrs BarberMrs Begum
Ms Burns
Ms Khanom
Mrs Williams 
Year 1 Miss Baxter Miss Butler 
Ms Duckett
Year 2  Miss Etienne Mrs Willits
Ms Hinton
Mrs Cornwell 
Year 3 Mrs Kuhn  Mrs Anstee 
Mrs Hall
Year 4 Ms BuchanMrs Williams 
Miss Hall
Mrs Kidman 
Year 5 Miss HobbsMr Claughton
Miss Fincham 
Year 6 Miss KounnouMrs Atkinson 
Mrs Di Palma
ArtMrs Richards 
MusicMr Randall 
Pastoral SupportExplore (Nurture Provision)Mrs Costillo
Learning MentorMiss Stebbings 
Office and Site StaffOfficeMr Thomas
 Miss Dixon
CaretakerMr Hall
Lunctime cooks Miss Cart
Miss Rowe
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