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Friends of Ridgefield

The Friends of Ridgefield is the school’s parent association. It is a vital part of the school community, enabling parents to get involved in the school to help make it better for their children.


The Friends aims to raise money, but it does more than that. It works with the school so that we can all combine our efforts to make Ridgefield a fantastic school: fun to be part of; with a real personality and identity; recognised in the community; and providing great opportunities and experiences for our children.


What do the Friends do?


Raise money for the school for the ‘extras’. In the past this has included subsidising school trips and books for the children at Christmas. In the future we would like to fund extra learning activities and resources.


Support communication between parents and the school. The Friends give the school a way to find out what parents think. It gives parents a chance to have a say, ask questions and make sure that school activities reflect their needs and interests.


Provide extra activities for children. This has included discos and craft workshops in the past.


Support school activities by working with teachers to develop projects, identify ways that parents can be involved in learning and make sure that as many members of the school community are involved.


Build our school community. The Friends is a good way to get to know other parents and to involve family, friends and our local community with the school. As part of this, we organise community events, like the summer and winter fairs.


How can you get involved?


Help a lot or help a little.


There is an Organising Committee that meets regularly. Get involved if you can.


We would like to have representatives for each year group. These will act as points of contact, spreading the news about what the Friends are doing and asking for help.


Anyone can help with events and activities: baking cakes, distributing leaflets, bringing in unwanted items for sales, running stalls, selling refreshments, contributing skills, time and energy.


Finally, look out for updates on the website and for the regular newsletters and come along to sales, fairs and events.


For more information:



If you’re not sure, ask your class teacher or the school office to point you in the right direction!


Join the facebook group by clicking here


Who are the Organising Committee?


Details are on the Friends' Who's Who page.


Previous Events


6 October

An informal chance to find out more about the Friends over tea and sweet things.

Halloween art workshop


20 October

A session for parents and children led by artists from amongst the Friends.

Halloween Disco


Friday 22 October.

Winter Fair


Saturday 20 November

Cake sale


1 December

Christmas decorations


1 December

The Friends took on the task of decorating the school hall for Christmas. The children were asked to decorate paper plate ‘baubles’. These were hung around the hall to great effect.

Christmas Gift Table


15 December

Parents donated unwanted gifts to be recycled as low cost gifts for children.

  • There are no events for the next 10 weeks.
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