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Friends of Ridgefield

The Friends of Ridgefield is the school’s Parent Teacher Association (PTA), and a registered charity. It is a vital part of the school community, enabling parents to get involved in the school to help make it better for their children.


The Friends aims to raise money, but it does more than that. It works with the school so that we can all combine our efforts to make Ridgefield a fantastic school: fun to be part of; with a real personality and identity; recognised in the community; and providing great opportunities and experiences for our children


What do the Friends do?


  • Raise money for the school for the ‘extras’. In the past this has included subsidising school trips, buying books for the children at Christmas, and funding new playground equipment and classroom resources, among other things.


  • Support communication between parents and the school. The Friends give the school a way to find out what parents think. It gives parents a chance to have a say, ask questions and make sure that school activities reflect their needs and interests.


  • Provide extra activities for children. This has included discos and craft workshops in the past.


  • Support school activities by working with teachers to develop projects, identify ways that parents can be involved in learning and make sure that as many members of the school community are involved.


  • Build our school community. The Friends is a good way to get to know other parents and to involve family, friends and our local community with the school. As part of this, we organise community events, like the summer and winter fairs.



How can you get involved?


Help a lot or help a little. If you’re interested in getting involved (a lot or a little) then either come along to one of our meetings, or email us at: 


We’d love to hear from you!



Who are the Organising Committee?


We have a small group of people who are the trustees of the charity.  These are currently:

Chair:             Kaili Wright

Secretary:       Kayla Friedman

Treasurer:       David Hollingsbee

We also have a larger body of parents who help us to organise and run fundraising events.



Message from Chris Axten-Higgs, Headteacher


"The Friends form a vital part school of the school community. Supporting whole school projects and individual classes. Without their support we would not be able to deliver the many and varied things we do.  They are an essential element of what makes Ridgefield special. On behalf of the Ridgefield team, we thank them for all they do!


Please support the Friends and help supports your child's school." 




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