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Year 5 Events

23rd January:             Michael Rosen        All morning              Cambridge Corn Exchange                     Year 5


Year 5 are off to take part in a workshop run by Helen Weinstein and the team at HistoryWorks. The workshop is a terrific opportunity for students to be inspired by the Poet in Residence at HistoryWorks, Michael Rose. Michael will be sharing poems and songs and stories about the refugee experience, and Michael's own family story about WW2 displacement, with poems and new lyrics which he will perform alongside the composer Andrea Cockerton who will use voice and keyboard to demonstrate how to add emotion and meaning by setting words to music.

25th January:             Interactive Space Workshop        All morning              Cambridge Science Centre at school                     Year 5


Launch into space – Watch custard armour in action – Hear our classroom hum!

Cambridge Science Centre lets young-people experience Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths in action. Their enthusiastic Science Communicators, wonderful range of school shows and workshops, and hands-on exhibits bring science to life using resources that your school will not have in-house.

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