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If like we did, you are spending considerable time trying to work out which school is best for your child/children, this might be helpful….


We have 2 children, both very different in terms of shyness/confidence, currently at Ridgefield. In summary, this is an excellent school and difficult though it can be to leave the house in the morning – our kids love going to school!


A lot has been said about the older years, so this will focus on the nursery class.


We took our child out from a local nursery which whilst perfectly fine, felt a lot busier and less able to support one-to-one learning. The Nursery team at Ridgefield are brilliant. They get the balance of effectively delivering the curriculum whilst ensuring a warm and welcoming, fun and play-based approach that helps the children quickly settle in.


The structure of the class and the facilities in it, are both fun and aid learning. This is the same outside, where there is adequate space and lots of equipment – trikes (room for a rear passenger which our child seems to love), dinosaurs, mini-sheds, giant tyres…


The ‘star of the week’ awards is a great of promoting model behaviours and is really appreciated by the children.

In summary, we would not hesitate to recommend the nursery team at Ridgefield. Thank you to the team – keep up the great work!


DB 13th Oct 2023

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