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The Ridgefield Curriculum


Ridgefield Primary is a wonderful place to work and learn. Our motto, ‘Brave Explorers, Great Thinkers’ underpins all the work we do in school. It reflects the strong focus we place on building a learning community and our vision to ensure that every child is happy and experiences success.


The essential elements of the Ridgefield Curriculum are:


  • Talk – Develop language skills, speaking and listening, enriched vocabulary through variety of quality learning experiences
  • Touch – Provide practical real life experiences
  • Trips – Make trips an integral part of the curriculum to enrich experiences and vocabulary)
  • Teams – Develop collaboration
  • Thinking – Develop enquiry based learning and deep thinking
  • Trust – Build relationships and a safe, secure and happy learning environment


Through the ‘6Ts’ we ensure that the children are at the centre of their own learning and acquire ‘learn to learn’ skills. We bring the National Curriculum alive by making links between the individual subjects and applying them to topics.


English and Maths


The teaching of English begins with the highly successful synthetic phonics programme, Read Write Inc, delivered by expertly trained staff.  We use the RWI programme, Guided Reading and Reading Recovery Book Bands to support children learning to read. The enjoyment and development of Reading and Writing skills take place as discrete subjects and in the context of other curriculum areas. Parents are encouraged to read at home with their children and support their children in practising handwriting and spellings at home.


Children’s mathematical skills are developed in a variety of ways through a daily maths lesson. They will be encouraged to work independently and cooperatively through investigation, problem solving activities, mental calculation skills and strategies and written work in an effort to gain confidence, promote enjoyment and recognise the power and relevance of mathematics in everyday life.


Children are expected to learn the times tables and number facts and parents are requested to support their children with these.


Learning Challenge Curriculum


At Ridgefield, we believe passionately that high standards in the basics should never compromise the broader curriculum. All our children study the full range of National Curriculum subjects (see below for details), developing the knowledge, skills and experience that will prepare them for the future. ICT is used for children and by children as an integral aspect of the teaching and learning process from Nursery to Year 6.


The Learning Challenge Curriculum is a question based approach to delivering the National Curriculum. It develops, stretches and ignites the children’s imagination and they have the opportunity to learn in many different ways as outlined in the 6Ts. Teachers assess what the children already know and the children then plan what they would like to find out by generating a series of questions. This gives the children ownership of their learning. They have the opportunity to explore their world, whether through a hunt for minibeasts in the wildlife area, a visit to Wimpole Hall while studying the Victorians; drama and performance at every opportunity; or by learning to investigate problems and develop their scientific enquiry skills. We make use of the local area and local people to bring the learning alive. We have specific whole school challenges such as for the BBC Ten Pieces Project.


Resilience, independence, perseverance and co-operation are fostered as fundamental learning tools for life.

Curricula for Individual Year Groups


Below are the individual curricula for each year group:

Please find here for information on the Reception Class curriculum.
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