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The School Day

The school day starts at 08:00 when breakfast club opens its doors, and runs through to 18:00 when SmartKidz finally close theirs! 


Below is a run down of the timings of the school day. 


08:00: Breakfast Club opens for early drop offs


08:50: The gates and classrooms open. Registration begins. During this period, children enter the room, put away their lunchboxes, water bottles and coats, submit their reading logs and find their seats. The teachers will have set a morning activity for the children to do - usually a morning maths activity or a spelling activity. These activities are normally able to be completed independently. Class teachers will be present in the classrooms. TAs join the classes at 09:00.


09:00: The gates close. Registration closes with the teacher formally completing the register document. Children arriving after this time need to enter the school via the School Office accessed only via the Radegund Road gate once the Hobart Road gate closes. Between 09:00 and 09:10 the teachers will review the morning activity and discuss the plans for the day ahead. 


09:10: Whole school or House Assembly.


09:30: The children return to the classrooms for learning or head to their Read, Write, Inc groups. In Reception and Key Stage 1 classes this is Read, Write, Inc. time. Read, Write, Inc. takes place in small groups of between 4 and 8 children lead by adults from across the school. The groups take place across the school too, in every available room. In Key Stage 2, this is when Guided Reading happens.


10:00: Read, Write, Inc (and Guided Reading) ends and the children return to their classrooms. Learning continues.


10:45: Breaktime


11:00: Children return to their classrooms and learning continues. 


12:00:  Lunchtime. Children who have a hot school lunch go to the playground and play. When their class is called they move to the hall, collect their food and eat it. When they have completed their lunch, they may return to the playground. Packed lunches picnic in the courtyard in good weather or eat in the hall. 


13:00: Afternoon lessons begin, following registration. 


15:10: The school gates are opened and parents are allowed onsite. They move to wait outside their children's classrooms. Nursery ends at this time: Nursery children should be collected first. 


15:15: The school day ends. Children are dismissed to their parents by the class teachers and teaching assistants. Those children attending after school clubs move to where their clubs happen (e.g. The Library for Latin Club). Children attending SmartKidz are sent to The Den, or are accompanied (if they are younger). 


SmartKidz children can be collected at any time between 15:15 - 18:00 by ringing on the buzzer on the gate by the front door to the school. SmartKidz children are dismissed through the gate not from the front door. 


16:00: When After School Clubs end, the children are dismissed via the front door. 


18:00: SmartKidz ends 


Total teaching time is 31.25 hours per week. 

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