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Emergency Procedures


As you would expect the school has  a set of procedures to cover a range of emergencies or incidents.


We can not share with you the exact details of these plans, as that could compromise the security of the school.


However, we believe it is important that you understand how you might be affected, therefore below are some outlined scenarios and the planned responses.



Fire Alarm sounding during drop off or pick-up...


Access to the school will be  restricted.

You will be asked to stand outside the building and remain on site.

We will then conduct a sweep of the building to ensure it is empty.

Once we have establish control, we will advise of the next steps



Lockdown of Premises


In the event of a lockdown, we will advise parents as soon as practical.


The safety and welfare of the children will be our priority


We would ask that parents do NOT contact the school

We would ask that parents do NOT come to the school.


Please wait for the school to contact when and where it is safe for you to come and collect your children.

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