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Class 6

Welcome to Team Year 6! In this, our final year of primary school, we pride ourselves on setting an excellent example to the younger children within the school. Throughout the year we work hard in all subjects as well as trying to prepare ourselves fully for starting secondary school. We also prepare ourselves for the statutory end of year assessment but, mostly, we focus on seeing ourselves progress in all that we learn and do.


Staff in Class 6T


Mrs Trew is our class teacher.


We are supported by Mrs DiPalma and Miss Stebbings.




Maths: Like in other years, we follow the Framework for Mathematics as devised by the Primary Strategy. Each term we look to complete 5 blocks of learning, which are normally 2 or 3 weeks long and encompass problem solving, using and applying skills, properties of number, calculation, data handling and shape, space and measures. Our class target for this term is to develop our arithmetic strategies, this involves all 4 operations as well as working with decimals, percentages and lots of fractions! 


English: We study some really interesting areas of work in year 6, such as: fiction genres, autobiographies, discussion texts and poetry. We make use of the books, videos, radio broadcasts, the internet and any other type of media that we can get our hands on. We really focus on making our writing grab the reader’s attention by revising sentence structure and using advanced vocabulary. This term our focus is on Romeo and Juliet. 


Science: In year 6 we focus mainly on investigative skills. We cover many topics and enjoy doing lots of hands-on experiments.


Topic Work: We will be studying history, geography, PSHE and R.E through cross curricular topics. The areas covered will be decided upon following research of the children’s interests, knowledge and experience, as well as consideration of what is happening locally and around the world.


ICT: Our ICT is incorporated into lessons across the curriculum and, in particular, in maths, science and literacy. We try to use as much ICT equipment as possible and gain as much independence as we can.


Music: We work hard to improve our listening and composition skills in Music, having lots of opportunities to play on a number of musical instruments.




We have PE on a Tuesday and it would be great if all children have an indoor and outdoor PE kit.


Homework is handed out on a Wednesday and should be brought in on the following Monday. Children should see me by Friday if they need help. Our weekly homework focus for this term is arithmetic skills.


We celebrate with a party on the last day of term in the Summer and also before Christmas. We do ask each child to bring in a small food item to share.


Children are welcome to bring water into class but they need to keep it somewhere other than on their desk. Juice is not allowed.


Children may take books home from class if they look after them.


Children are welcome to bring in treats for their birthday but it is not expected. Please try to send healthy treats as far as possible!


School Trips


Hopefully, this year we will go on a variety of trips linked to our topics. Also, at the end of the year, we usually go on a trip to reward everybody’s hard work. Previous trips have included a trip to Wickstead Park and a day in London.


Class rules and behaviour


On a Friday afternoon, we have free time and the amount we get depends on how hard we have worked and how well we have listened during the week. These children are those who have shown consistent good behaviour by following our new code of conduct. We earn house points for a positive attitude and for producing high quality work. At the end of the school year, the house with the most points will win a fabulous prize.

  • There are no events for the next 10 weeks.
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