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Welcome to the Nursery at Ridgefield


The Nursery is an integral element of the School at Ridgefield. However, as there are several key differences around Admissions, what a day looks like etc, so we have created these series of pages to showcase life in the Nursery and to help parents understand how the Nursery functions.


As the Headteacher, I am responsible for the welfare and education of all the children.


To help support me with the Nursery children, it is great to be able to say that we have a wonderful, experienced, caring and professional team at Ridgefield. I won’t embarrass the team by saying how many years of experience they have, but they are now starting to see the children of parents, who they originally taught in Nursery!


Please have a look around the Nursery pages, and should you have any questions, then please do hesitate to contact the office.


Chris Axten-Higgs, Headteacher

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