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Class 5



Welcome to Year 5! This is a really important year so we need to be motivated and work very hard to achieve success and to prepare us for Year 6. On our page, you can find out about some of the exciting things that we do throughout the year, along with a few routines that we follow. Please do not hesitate to pop in and see me at any time after school.


Staff in Year 5


Mrs Fellows is our Class Teacher and we are supported by Mrs Atkinson.




We do PE on a Tuesday and Wednesday. Children need to make sure their PE kit is in school and washed regularly. You may want to wear a tracksuit during the winter months.


Children should read for at least 20 minutes each night. They are to record this in their reading log which should be signed and brought with them to school each day. There is a reward for reading every day for a month!


Homework is handed out on a Wednesday and due on a Monday morning. Children need a letter from parents if there is a delay otherwise they will be asked to complete their homework in their own lunch time.


We celebrate with a party on the last day of term in the Summer and also before Christmas. We do ask each child to bring in something small to share.


Children are encouraged to bring water into class to keep them hydrated throughout the day. Please bring it in a named ‘squeezee’ type water bottle. No juice, please.


Children are welcome to bring their own healthy snack or piece of fruit to eat at morning. 
Children are welcome to bring in treats for their birthday but it is not expected. Please try to send healthy treats as much as possible! They must also be nut free. 


Class Rules and Behaviour


In year 5 we are very clear about what is acceptable behaviour and discuss and agree our class motto and rules at the beginning of the year which we all sign. We receive House Points and rewards for high quality work and positive behaviour, and work hard to achieve our Golden Time at the end of the week. I expect children in Year 5 to be polite and respectful, and to be good role models to the younger children in the school. As a school, we have a fair and consistent system of sanctions for those rare occasions where children do not follow the agreed code of conduct.




It is so important for children to be in school on time everyday to ensure that they do not miss out on important learning of new skills and concepts. Days out of school can adversely affect progress and means that your child will need to catch up on work that they have missed. Please support your child’s learning by ensuring that they are in school everyday and try to avoid booking holidays in term time.




Detailed information on the curriculum followed at Ridgefield School can be found here.




In Year 5, we focus on both mental and written methods for solving calculations involving all four number operations, providing children with practical and visual ways of working. We build on the work done in Year 4 on understanding the value of numbers and introduce work on decimals. We also introduce percentage for the first time and more complex fractions. Children consolidate their understanding of all the times tables and demonstrate their knowledge of these in a variety of real life and creative contexts. We will also focus on developing our own strategies for solving problems and looking for patterns in our results.




In Year 5, we will discover a range of exciting genres including myths and legends, narrative, stories by famous authors and those from other cultures. We will also develop our knowledge of non-fiction texts by investigating instructions, persuasive texts and recounts together with a range of poetry!




Our topics will be planned around the children’s interests and prior knowledge and will incorporate a wide range of ICT including the use of Powerpoint presentations, videos, podcasts, Stop Motion animation and any other media that we can get our hands on! Currently our science topic is all about space! 

  • There are no events for the next 10 weeks.
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