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Boots to Africa

We were joined earlier this term by some of the players from the Cambridge United squad who introduced the children to their charitable campaign ‘Boots2Africa’.


Formed in 2016, in just two full seasons Colchester-based Boots2Africa have amassed and dispatched over 7000 pairs of donated boots and 15000+ items of kits to Africa’s poorest children and young adults in Universities, schools, sports academies and community group at virtually zero cost. 

The premise is simply. Children grow out of football boots. Boots2Africa will collect these, recondition then and ship them

out to Africa so that they get another life with a child who will really apprecaite them. Older people also get through football boots too, then these boots can be reconditioned, or even properly recycled so that it helps the environment too.


We have a Boots2Africa collection box at Ridgefield. If you have an old pair of football boots at home and you don’t know what to do with them, why not bring them in and donate them to this fantastic appeal, so that someone else will get the benefit of them in the future?

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