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Aladdin Trouble

Ridgefield has been gripped with panto-fever for the last few weeks of the summer term! Oh no it hasn’t! Oh yes it has!


This year Key Stage 2 banded together to create a smashing performance of Aladdin Trouble, the classic tale from 1001 Arabian Nights. Whilst the main actors were drawn from our willing volunteers in Year 6, children from across all 4 Key Stage 2 classes took part, with roles from chorus to choir open to children from Years 3 – 6. The main role of Aladdin was performed by Isaac, whilst Jasmine was performed by Frannie. Wishy and Washy were played with huge enthusiasm Nehan and Aleks, whilst the hilarious pantomine dame, Widow Tanky was performed by Winona, and Luca performed as Jasmine’s father, the Sultan. Noah performed brilliantly as the Genie of the Lamp, brilliantly supported by Sofia, Zahra and Yu Xuan as the three wishes. Of course, every story needs a villan, and ours was performed admirably (or should that be dispicably!) by Addie, ably accompanied by Ella and Billy in the roles of Wantu and Wantu… a pair of magically brain-addled rhyming twins!


The cast performed to the rest of the school, then to the parents at three separate performances each with high levels of energy. The children loved having the chance to tread the boards and it was clear from the singing that all their efforts paid off! All in all, it was a fantastic experience with too many standout performances to mention everyone! And as for Aladdin’s final wish – “Let’s put on a production like this every year”: Your wish is my command!

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