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“Wise owls are curious and love to explore!”



The Staff


Reception is taught by Mrs Barber (Tues-Fri) and Mrs Neal (Mon). They are supported and assisted by a dedicated team including Miss di Palma, Mrs Kidman, Mrs C. Williams, Mr Carnegie and Miss Samsuddin.




Our Class



Reception at Ridgefield takes the motto of ‘brave explorers, great thinkers’ at its heart. The children explore an interactive environment and through investigation and play develop skills and gain knowledge which will last them a lifetime. The children’s first experience of school is as an active and excited learner, and is a foundation to prepare them for Year One, and the rest of their learning journey in years to come.


The curriculum is broken down into three prime areas, which encompass all learning activities in the Early Years:


Personal, Social and Emotional Development– Making relationships, building confidence and managing feelings and behaviour.


Communication and Language– Learning to speak, listen, understand, and express themselves.


Physical Development– Learning to look after their bodies, and everything they can do. From holding a pencil, to standing on one leg!


In addition to the Prime Areas, there are four specific areas – Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design – which the children access through various activities and self-initiated learning.


By the end of the year, the children will have developed a range of skills and knowledge, and the ability to learn independently.


For further information about the Early Years curriculum please visit the government website at:

Reception Curriculum


Click on the link below to discover more about what the children are learning this term.


  • We have PE on a Monday so PE kits need to be in school and earrings removed. PE kits may be kept in school and taken home at half term holidays for washing.


  • Children are given a reading record in the first half-term and will bring three books home on a Thursday to read over the coming week. Please read with them as much as possible, and do let us know if you would like to hold onto a book for longer to practise, or change it more regularly for a challenge!


  • Children are welcome to bring in treats for the class on Birthdays or Celebration days, but it is up to you if you would like to or not. Where possible, we like to encourage healthy eating… but Birthday cake is an acceptable exception!  Please be aware that we are a nut-free school.


Rules and Behaviour

In the first half term, the children decide on the class rules themselves. These become our class contract which we all agree to follow to ensure we stay safe and can play and learn as best as we can. Children who choose not to follow our class contract are given the chance to think about how they could have made a better choice, and then the opportunity to make things better. Every day is a new blank page!



If you have any questions about any aspect of Reception life here at Ridgefield, feel free to come and see Mrs Barber or Mrs Neal before or after school any school-day of the week. Alternatively, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or the school office.

Parental Contributions


We look forward to hearing about your child’s learning at home through your Notes from Home and via our email Your contributions are so important and form a valuable part of our ongoing assessment of your child. Please read the document below for further guidance.

What to Expect, When 


This guide has been written to help parents to know what to expect during their child’s first five years by focusing on the seven areas of learning and development which are covered in the Early Years Foundation Stage.To find out more about your child’s learning and development you may find the following document helpful:

Class News
Our date for Book Look this half term is Friday 4th May.  We hope you can join your child in class to share a story or two!

Please take a moment to read our Summer newsletter.

We had an amazing hands-on learning experience during our class trip to South Angle Farm.  A big thank you to our parent volunteers who supported us on the day. 

Science Week in Reception!

Science Week in Reception! 1
Science Week in Reception! 2
Science Week in Reception! 3
Science Week in Reception! 4
Science Week in Reception! 5
Science Week in Reception! 6
Science Week in Reception! 7
Science Week in Reception! 8
Science Week in Reception! 9
Science Week in Reception! 10
Science Week in Reception! 11
Science Week in Reception! 12
Science Week in Reception! 13
Science Week in Reception! 14
Science Week in Reception! 15
Science Week in Reception! 16
This week, we became scientists and explored the changes which take place when you add vinegar to milk.  We used new vocabulary such as 'casein', 'molecules', 'liquid' and 'solid' when describing our observations.  We then had fun moulding our plastic milk into different shapes!
Our date for Book Look this half term is Friday 2nd March, 8.50-9.10am.  We hope you can join us!

Please take a moment to read our newsletter for this half term.

Maths Week in Reception.

Maths Week in Reception.  1
Maths Week in Reception.  2
Maths Week in Reception.  3
Maths Week in Reception.  4
Maths Week in Reception.  5
Maths Week in Reception.  6
Maths Week in Reception.  7
Through our class story 'Handa's Surprise', the children engaged in a range of Mathematical learning, all focusing on developing their reasoning and oracy skills.  For our Maths challenge on Thursday afternoon, we helped Handa to share her sweets with her friend, Akeyo, reasoning about which numbers of sweets could and could not be shared equally.  Thank you to our grown-ups who were able to come and take part and support their children during this session. 

"You can't catch me, I'm the Gingerbread Man!"

After sharing the story together, the children went on their own hunt for the elusive Gingerbread Man and his friends!  We read and followed the clues carefully, using positional language 'above', 'below', 'next to', 'in front' and 'behind'. We are very pleased to announce that, this time, he did not manage to escape...yummy!

Reception's Traditional Tales 'WOW' morning.

Reception's Traditional Tales 'WOW' morning. 1
Reception's Traditional Tales 'WOW' morning. 2
Reception's Traditional Tales 'WOW' morning. 3
Reception's Traditional Tales 'WOW' morning. 4
Reception's Traditional Tales 'WOW' morning. 5
Reception's Traditional Tales 'WOW' morning. 6
Reception's Traditional Tales 'WOW' morning. 7
Reception's Traditional Tales 'WOW' morning. 8
Reception's Traditional Tales 'WOW' morning. 9
Reception's Traditional Tales 'WOW' morning. 10
Reception's Traditional Tales 'WOW' morning. 11
Reception's Traditional Tales 'WOW' morning. 12
Reception's Traditional Tales 'WOW' morning. 13
Reception's Traditional Tales 'WOW' morning. 14
Reception's Traditional Tales 'WOW' morning. 15
To get our new topic off to an exciting start, we went into the hall for our 'WOW' morning.  There we took part in a range of activities including: baking cakes to take to Grandma's house; building a sturdy brick house for the three little pigs and acting out the story of 'The Three Billy Goat's Gruff' with props!

Please take a moment to read our Spring newsletter below.

Reception's Christmas Party!

The children had lots of festive fun on our party day last Thursday: party games, dancing, delicious food and even a visit from Father Christmas!  A huge thank you to our grown-ups for the kind donations of party food.
Please take a moment to read our Autumn newsletter below.
Our dates for Book Look this half term are Friday 3rd November and Friday 1st December, 8.50-9.10am.  We hope you can join us!

Anti-Bullying Week - November 2017

Anti-Bullying Week - November 2017 1
Anti-Bullying Week - November 2017 2
Anti-Bullying Week - November 2017 3
Anti-Bullying Week - November 2017 4
We have been thinking about what makes a good friend and what we like to do with them. We made a friendship web, friendship bracelets and cards for our friends - we had lots of fun!

Rocket building workshop with Reception Parents

Look at the amazing rockets we created! Many thanks to all the parents who supported this event.

We have been busy exploring Reception and settling into our new school.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

Welcome to Reception


Here is an introduction to life in Reception - from some of our own children...

Still image for this video
Take a look below at some of the learning we have been doing in Reception during Summer Term 2017.
We have been busy investigating what our favourite ice-cream flavour is in Reception. Chocolate is the most popular! We used the iPads to write about our ice-cream tasting. We found out about how ice-cream is made and decided to have a go at making our own. It was delicious! Why not visit our ice-cream parlour and try for yourself?

Build a Home Craft Afternoon with Reception Parents

Build a Home Craft Afternoon with Reception Parents 1
Build a Home Craft Afternoon with Reception Parents 2
Build a Home Craft Afternoon with Reception Parents 3
Build a Home Craft Afternoon with Reception Parents 4
Build a Home Craft Afternoon with Reception Parents 5
Build a Home Craft Afternoon with Reception Parents 6
Build a Home Craft Afternoon with Reception Parents 7
Build a Home Craft Afternoon with Reception Parents 8
Build a Home Craft Afternoon with Reception Parents 9
Build a Home Craft Afternoon with Reception Parents 10
Build a Home Craft Afternoon with Reception Parents 11
Build a Home Craft Afternoon with Reception Parents 12
Build a Home Craft Afternoon with Reception Parents 13
Build a Home Craft Afternoon with Reception Parents 14
Build a Home Craft Afternoon with Reception Parents 15
Build a Home Craft Afternoon with Reception Parents 16
Look at the fabulous homes we created for the Town Mouse or Country Mouse. Many thanks to all the parents who attended this event.

Does everything grow in the same way?

Reception have been exploring if everything grows in the same way. We have been busy hatching chicks and raising butterflies from tiny caterpillars. We observed the caterpillars turning into beautiful Painted Lady Butterflies and watched as they flew away from our wildlife area! We turned into bug detectives and explored what we could find living in and around the pond.
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