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What Support do we offer Children with Special Educational Needs?

If a learner is identified as having SEND, we will provide support that is ‘additional to’ or ‘different from’ the differentiated approaches and learning arrangements normally provided as part of our high quality, personalised teaching intended to overcome the barrier to a child’s learning. This support is set out in teacher’s provision maps which are created for each individual class depending on the needs of the children in that class.


When providing support that is ‘additional to’ or ‘different from’ we engage in a four stage process.


  1. Assess
  2. Plan
  3. Do
  4. Review.




This involves taking into consideration all the information from discussions with parents or carers, the child, the class teacher and formal assessments.




This stage identifies the barriers to learning, intended outcomes, and details what additional support needs to be provided to help overcome the barriers. These decisions will be recorded and form the basis of an intervention plan. This plan will be shared with parents and the child as part of a termly review meeting and the Learning Conference.




Support will be provided as appropriate and as set out in the intervention plan.




We will measure the impact of these interventions and support provided and consider whether changes to the support need to be made. All those involved i.e. parents or carer, teacher, and SENCO contribute to this review. This stage then informs the next cycle of Plan, Do and Review.


This support may be provided in class or in another area of the school on a 1:1 basis or a small group of learners with similar needs. These interventions may be run by a teacher or a trained teaching assistant. The support provided and its impact in class will be monitored and shared with the child and parents or carers.

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