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What is Our SEND Profile?

At RidgefieId Primary School our SEND profile shows that 12% of our children have been identified as having SEND .


4% of our children have an Education and Health Care Plan – children will only receive this funding if they have complex needs.


This percentage is made up from some of the following groups:


  • Needs linked to Cognition and Learning – (including Maths, Reading, Writing and Spelling etc).


  • Needs linked to Communication and Interaction (including Speech and Language difficulties and problems with social interaction such as Aspergers Syndrome or Autism)


  • Needs that are identified as having SEND linked to Physical and Sensory (including disabilities such as those affecting health, mobility, sight and hearing)


  • Needs that are identified as having SEND linked to Social and Emotional needs such as ADHD, depression and anxiety .
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