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Sedley Infants

At Ridgefield we are so very proud of our heritage and links with Sedley Infants school, which was founded in 1932. So many of our present staff and parents have fond memories of Sedley and Mrs Driver, the head teacher is still a regular visitor in school (though she no longer dresses up at the Easter Bunny unfortunately. A comprehensive and fascinating history of the school has been compiled by Mrs Sheila Glasswell; where you can explore over 150 pages of memories, facts, traditions and photos!


Sadly, the school was closed after 70 years in 2002, when the staff and pupils joined Ridgefield. Although Sedley school building no longer exists, its spirit still lives on at Ridgefield, where we still celebrate Easter with our Bonnet competition and where sunshine, happiness and fun are highly cherished.


Many many people remembered the Rose Queen Festival at Sedley, where the Year 2 children would vote for a Rose Queen and the rest of the school would dance around the maypole..apparently is was extremely difficult! Below are a video and some wonderful archive photos of the Rose Queen Festival and others from the last years at Sedley, taken kindly from the albums of Mrs Driver.
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