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School Values

Through our mantra 'Brave Explorers, Great Thinkers' we aim to:

  • promote success for all our pupils;
  • treat everyone with equal value and respect;
  • be a caring, sharing community with welcomes everyone.


We aim to teach our children to:

  • be respectful;
  • be responsible;
  • be proud. 

Code of Behaviour


We want our children to take pride in their achievements, to develop self-discipline, to accept responsibility for their own actions and to show consideration towards others.


Our Code of Conduct – ‘Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Proud’ underpins our Behaviour policy.


A positive approach to discipline based on praise and rewards is emphasised. However on the rare occasions when children do not respond to this policy, the agreed sanctions will be applied. Throughout the process, parents will be involved and informed.


The Behaviour Policy and Anti-Bullying Policies can both be found in the Policies page.



At Ridgefield Primary School, we are proud of our diverse community. We aim to be an inclusive and welcoming school where every child and their family feels that they belong. Therefore we aim to develop a culture of celebration and respect within our school community. We recognise that we have a duty to ensure that achievement is carefully tracked for all children in our school and that provision is put in place to ensure that all children achieve to their full potential, regardless of their background.

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