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School Houses

Our Houses and What They Mean


Each member of the school community belongs to one of the four houses: Earth, Fire, Air and Water. Below are the coat of arms designed by Mrs Collison to represent each house.


Over each week the children can earn points for their house, which are counted on a Thursday afternoon. The house with the most points is announced in Friday morning’s celebration assembly and presented with a trophy.


When a child receives 10 house points, she or he will be awarded a merit certificate, which can then be taken home and shared with family! Children who receive 5 merit certificates over the year will be awarded a Bronze award, 10 certificates a Silver award, 20 a Gold award, and finally 30 merit certificates over the year qualifies for a Diamond award.


The aim of this system is to encourage the children to work together to help support each other, strive to be the best they can be, and work in a team to get house points. The children will sometimes do activities in their houses, involving children from Nursery to Year 6, which allows the children to work together with their peers, but also with children of different ages; this helps to create an inclusive environment, which will hopefully then extend to playtimes, lunchtimes, and assemblies.


House points can be awarded for different things such as good work, sharing, kindness, trying hard at activities and joining in, playing with other children, listening, and encouraging each other to do their best.


To help us achieve the aims of the school, the children and staff have agreed a set of rules. These form our Code of Conduct, which every child is expected to follow this at all times:


Be Proud

Be Respectful

Be Responsible

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