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School History

As part of ‘We are Ridgefield’ this year we began to explore our school history and roots. Well, although the building is BRAND NEW, we soon discovered that our roots run deep in our community. So many of our parents and staff remember our foundation schools, Romsey Junior and Sedley Infants. In our school origin myth, Sedley and Romsey are the two trees whose seeds embraced to form a new seed, from which Ridgefield grew tall and strong. We came across so many good memories and stories, photos and documents that we decided to host an on-line exhibition. At Ridgefield, our roots run deep!
Ridgefield was founded in 2002 and we came across some great photos of the construction of the school. We are so very happy that our school is clean and new with a gorgeous courtyard in the middle and warm spacious classes.
These two photos made all the staff giggle…when Romsey and Sedley joined, everything was initially placed into the school hall before it could be sorted…looking at these mountains it must have been a very BIG job!
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