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Romsey Junior

Although our building is brand spanking new, our roots go back to the beginning of the 20th Century. Romsey Junior School, one of our founding school was opened in 1905, which some of the most beautiful school buildings in all of Cambridge. Mr Flavill, the first headteacher wrote at the time, “The building is by far the most cheerful and commodious of the elementary school buildings of the Borough!” Sadly the school closed in 2002 and the headteacher, Mr. Doe become the first headteacher of Ridgefield Primary. You can read all about the early years of Romsey in this comprehensive history taken from the school log books: Romsey Junior School The Early Years

Here is a photo of the pupils and staff at the closure of the school.

And below are a selection of photos of the school building. Mrs Brenda Pryor, a former teacher, told the children that it was a beautiful old building, but that it had one flaw: the roof used to leak chronically!
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