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Year 6 at the Park

Can you put the following actions into the correct time order?             [2 marks]

One has been done for you.


Children jump into the pool. [  ]

Mrs Trew realises that she will have to sit through the afternoon's governor's meeting still rather damp. [  ]

Some children take off their school uniform. [  ]

Children arrive at the park. [ 1 ]

Harith pushes Mrs T into the pool. [  ]

Wet people dry out by being spun round and round at high speed on the play equipment. [  ]

Little monsters chase Mr C with water guns and bottles of horribly smelly chlorinated pool water. [  ]

Three little human squirrels frighten the life out the supervising adults by climbing high up a tree. [  ]

Mr C captures a water gun and secures a small measure of revenge. [  ]




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