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Year 5 Treats Parents

A few days ago, Mrs Trew had one of her inspirational visions during a particularly stormy sleepless night. "How marvellous it would be," she enthused to herself, "if we could invite our parents into the classroom and feed them a delicious cream tea while they explore some of the children's recent wonderful science learning."


The vision continued to unfold - as the clouds tried in vain to shield her tired and bleary eyes from the pale moonlight. "We can use the finest china cups and the most expensive seedless strawberry jam from the local supermarket. We can dress Mr Claughton up in a lacy pinny and a fixed grin and get him to whip up a kilo of double cream with a Victorian balloon whisk and serve orange squash to hyperactive children."


And it came to pass...

  • There are no events for the next 10 weeks.
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