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Year 1’s Busy Week

What a busy week Year 1 have had! On Wednesday we were very lucky to have Posy’s granny stop by for a visit, bringing with her Amy doll and a Fisher Price toy type writer and record player.


We found out that the record player could play music but that it didn’t use batteries. It had a wind up mechanism so when it was found it would play the music.


Then on Thursday we had a little journey back in time to Sudsley Mannor – a Victorian home. Poor Mrs Brown was left all alone whilst the other servants had gone away. So the kind children from Ridgefield Board School offered to lend a hand.


We learnt all about how to wash the clothes in the morning using the carbonic soap and washing board, and then how to dry them using a mangle. It was hard work! But the work wasn’t over yet, we still had to prepare the dinner, scrub the kitchen and also polish all the silverware.


We also cleaned the carpets – we suggested to Mrs Brown that she used a hoover but she had no idea what one was! So instead we had to beat the carpets with a large beater. Finally at the end of a long hard day we got to play with all the different toys that belonged to Master William and Miss Emily from the manor.

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