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KS1 performance is on Tuesday 10th December at 9.15am in the hall and KS2 performance is on Thursday 12th December at 9am at Radegund Hall, Coleridge Campus

Thank You to Leon's Family

I would like to use this post to pass on many, many thanks to Leon's mum and his sister Amelie for helping us out with our French lessons in years 6 and 3.


These lovely ladies took the time and trouble to make a fantastic recording of the French play (Le Savon d'Or) we are working on. The children can now hear the action unfold and listen to the characters speak in a combination of real French accents and hilarious comedy voices. The frog and the king both make me laugh every time I hear them, and Bruno's voice is just perfect! Full marks to Leon for some excellent 'knocking on the door' noises too. Top notch comedy timing!


A big hug and a bar of magic golden soap to Leon and his family. It's so nice to work in a school where our familes will make such an effort to contribute to our learning in this way and I'm very proud to be part of it...

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