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Thank You to Leon's Family

I would like to use this post to pass on many, many thanks to Leon's mum and his sister Amelie for helping us out with our French lessons in years 6 and 3.


These lovely ladies took the time and trouble to make a fantastic recording of the French play (Le Savon d'Or) we are working on. The children can now hear the action unfold and listen to the characters speak in a combination of real French accents and hilarious comedy voices. The frog and the king both make me laugh every time I hear them, and Bruno's voice is just perfect! Full marks to Leon for some excellent 'knocking on the door' noises too. Top notch comedy timing!


A big hug and a bar of magic golden soap to Leon and his family. It's so nice to work in a school where our familes will make such an effort to contribute to our learning in this way and I'm very proud to be part of it...

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