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Stars of the Week

Each week children from each class are awarded the 'Star of the Week' because of an exceptional piece of learning. It might be that they have excelled in a specific lesson, demonstrated a particular set of skills or shown their learning behaviour is exemplary and a model for others to follow. This week we are proud of award the following children:
uMia, for being a kind, caring member of the nursery.
uPia, for a great start to Reception and for being a happy and friendly member of our class
uYear 1:
uJosephine, for amazing independent writing using the Gruffalo to innovate her own story.
uYear 2:
uNina, for her super use of scientific language when sharing her ideas!
uYear 3:
uSummer, being a super sensible member of Year 3 and always putting her hand up to answer questions. 
uYear 4:
uJannah, for superb effort in benchball - keep it up!  
uYear 5:
uRocky, for working hard and making great progress with his reading!
uYear 6:
uJonny, for being a kind and helpful member of Year 6. Well done for a great start at Ridgefield!
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