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Science Week

The week from 14th – 18th March was National Science Week and the children of Ridgefield joined in with this year’s theme: Growth.


The week started with an assembly run by our Science co-ordinator, Miss. Hobbs. She had worked hard to produce a whole range of resources and investigations for children across the school.


One investigation that went down really well was the growing of mould! The children came up with various hypotheses about what would cause mould to grow quicker on bread. The children put various toppings (jam, butter, honey, hand sanitizer) onto their bread and then double bagged it for safety. The results were interesting to see over time!


Another investigation carried out across the school was the question about whether or not taller people could run faster. This was part of a wider investigation into the various sizes and proportionality of the human body. It turns that sometimes taller people can run quicker, but this is not always the case – as I can personally testify to!


One of the children’s favourite things was being visited by the Animal Experience from nearby Ely. The children learned all about interesting animals such as snakes, skinks, bearded dragons, geckos, tortoises and even a bird-eating tarantula!


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