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Science Week - Chemistry Lecture

On Monday, Year 6 went to the University's Chemistry Department to enjoy a lecture on the Periodic Table of The Elements - originally devised by the Russian scientist Dmitri Mendeleev and significantly updated in the intervening 150 years as new elements were discovered and synthesised.


There were many explosive demonstrations of how different elements can behave. My favourite was the nitrogen triiodide, which explodes when it is touched, releasing a cloud of toxic, purple iodine gas.


Mrs Trew particularly enjoyed the burning iron wool, as she found it to be extraordinarily beautiful. I can't help but notice from the photo that Mr Claughton's hair bears an uncanny resemblance to the large ball of wire wool used in the demonstration; as a result, from now on, he would be well advised to keep a very close eye on his class teacher to ensure she never approaches too closely from behind with a lighted splint.

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