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Science Festival Assembly

The Cambridge Science Centre came to school to help us to understand more about pushing forces.

In a special assembly, we used a hover board powered by a leaf blower to make children float just above the floor on a cushion of air. This reduced the force of friction between the board and the hall floor, and by (gently!) pushing the children across the hall, the effect of pushing forces could be seen more easily.


We learned a bit about the three laws of Isaac Newton:


1) Things always keep still (or carry on moving at a constant speed in a straight line) until a force pushes on them. When a force does push a thing, it can accelerate: i.e. speed up, slow down, or change direction.


2) A force will accelerate a ‘big heavy thing’ (i.e. a large mass) more than it will a ‘small light thing’ (i.e. a small mass).


3) If you push something, it will push you back with the same force. (Can you feel the Earth pushing you through your feet when you are standing up?)

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