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Romeo and Juliet Performance

Today is a very big day for the thespians (no, that's not a rude word) of Year 6!


The morning saw them acting - on stage and under professional lighting - in their final dress rehearsal of Romeo and Juliet at the Mumford Theatre, in preparation for their much-awaited performance this evening in front of a sell-out eager audience. They will be joined by two other schools who will be performing their own plays as part of this year's Shakespeare's School Festival.


All the children have worked very hard on this exciting Shakespearian adventure - coming a long way in a short time - and the standard of their acting is now very high. Lots of them have asked for extra acting coaching and help with their lines, which shows just how seriously they have taken this considerable challenge; it is easy to forget that it was all completed in no more than a half term and alongside a packed academic curriculum!


*** Stop Press: The Day After ***

Congratulations to our fabulous children on an enthralling, mature and convincing performance last night. The audience was highly complimentary - and not just our own parents - on the clarity of the children's delivery (of words that they clearly understood) and the way they told the story so well through their acting.


All the Year 6 staff are immensely proud of the children. They were particularly delighted with the professional and grown-up manner in which their young charges all worked together to ensure that the odd inevitable slip-up was expertly smoothed over and not noticed by the audience. It was marvellous to see some children who are not always recognised for their team-work and co-operation really stepping up to ensure the success of the group. Well done all!


Once again, Miss Kounnou deserves a big shiny gold medal for her devotion to the children and her total commitment to their successes. The unique way in which she has coaxed, cajoled, encouraged and demanded (sometimes losing her voice, hair and sanity in the process) to get her children to believe in themselves - and to achieve more than they knew they were capable of - is truly inspirational. She is no less than amazing!


(If you have missed the article on the children's acting workshop at the Globe Theatre in preparation for this performance, you can find it here.)

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