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Mark Lowery Visits

The world-famous and extraordinarily brilliant local author, Mark Lowery, came to visit Ridgefield on Tuesday of this week.


The creator of the hilarious ‘Socks Are Not Enough’ and ‘The Jam Doughnut That Ruined My Life’ treated us to his fun-filled, chocolate-laden assembly – jam packed with tips on how to write great stories. At one point, two of our girls found themselves blindfolded, wearing shower caps (to which large spoons had been taped) and tasked with trying to transport small balls of cotton wool from one part of the hall to another, to demonstrate how authors can make characters do absolutely anything they want! He also cleverly demonstrated how authors can leave clues throughout their stories for the reader to pick up (remember ‘1979’).


Already a cult figure in Year 6, Mark endeared himself to the rest of the school after assembly by leading exciting writing workshops on the subject of ‘Deadly Doughnuts’ and by encouraging our youngest children to play the part of wasps!


Many thanks to Mark for simultaneously teaching and entertaining us in his unique and marvellous style…


You can see videos in the March Playlist of the Video Resource.

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