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Marcus Tudor

The children of 6K have been busy painting portraits of themselves in the style of the Tudor nobility – with ruffs and hats and sparkly brooches etc. etc.


Those of you who know Marcus will be aware that for him, painting his own likeness would present some considerable challenges, and so to ensure that the project was fully accessible to him too, Mrs Richards arranged for him to use his sense of touch to sculpt a 3D model of his face from clay instead. When it was finished, Marcus added a Tudor hat, and with help from the lovely Anna, created a ruff to go round his newly fashioned neck.


Here is the result, both with and without hat. What you will not notice (as a casual observer) is the amount of detail which was added inside the head and neck. If you want to know more, pop along to 6K and ask Marcus to explain.


We think Marcus looks rather like Henry VIII!

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