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Lunches are back!

On Monday 13th September all the children went back to eating their lunches in the hall! This may seem like a small thing, but the significance of the end of class bubbles was not lost on them. 


The children have been eating their lunches in their classrooms since the start of the pandemic, meaning a whole-school lunch in the hall has not happened since March 2019! For the children of Year 1 and Reception, this means they have never eaten  with other children from the school. Year 2 only managed half-a year before they had to stop and that was when they were in Reception.


All the children were, naturally, very excited by this event. Not only were they able to eat lunch together in the hall, but they were also allowed to play with children from other classes out on the playground and the field. 


It was lovely to see children from across the school being able to enjoy a sense of normality. 


Find out more about the food that is available through our partners, Dolce, here

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