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The year 3, 4, 5 Lion King production is on 16th and 17th July at 9.15am

Lucinda and the King

With a caustic sigh, Lucinda replied: “I assume that I have my father to thank for that summary of my worth as a woman? What else did he tell you: that I can rustle up a sumptuous feast for fifty from a large bag of onions, three of last season’s stringy pumpkins and a road-kill squirrel?”


Using drama, the children of year 6 explored the personalities of two particular characters from a short story. They were given a wide brief on how they would demonstrate the interactions between the characters and how these rapidly changed during a piece of the dialogue. They took the challenge with their customary enery and enthusiasm.


Lucinda is a strong and dominant young woman with large biceps and an unusual ability. The king is dim and rather weak, but he tries to be loud and imperious; unfortunately for him, he quickly dissolves under the overwhelming weight of Lucinda's forceful intellect and her biting sarcasm. As a result, he gets his gold but is tricked into marrying the goblin.


See if you can spot who is who...

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