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London Trip: Part 4 - 6T Practise Queuing

After they had filled their young minds with wondrous sights in the Tate Modern, 6T rushed down the South Bank to enjoy the much anticipated highlight of their day in London - queuing.


After half an hour, our reverie was curtailed when we had to leave the queue and get on board the [insert appropriate American soft drink company here] London Eye.


Can you find the following:


1) Conor searching for the clever little communication boxes that his dad's company attached to the wheel (with their permission, I might add) so that it knows when to turn round, or something...

2) A gargoyle whose expression resembled Mr Claughton's after several hours of trying to prevent George, Elia, Alfie et al from absently mindedly wandering off, stumbling into the river, being left behind, joining someone else's family/guided tour etc etc...

3) The inscrutable face of a member of the public open hearing the cry from one of our children: "We're all gonna die!" at top volume, as our pod began to move off.

4) Mbaweme's poor mum - desperately trying to find a coffee!

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