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KS1 performance is on Tuesday 10th December at 9.15am in the hall and KS2 performance is on Thursday 12th December at 9am at Radegund Hall, Coleridge Campus

London Trip: Part 3 - 6T Inspect Modern Art

The Tate Modern held a few surprises for some of our children - even though this year Mrs Trew ensured that we avoided the gallery that treats passers by to a choice of entertaining audible swear words...


Mrs Richards wanted me to take lots and lots of photos of the children engaging with and reacting to the art work ("hundreds" - she said, if I remember correctly), which we can use later in the year as part of their Arts Award project work. However, I only managed a few, since I was on 'sweeper' duty at the back of the group. I hope she's not too disappointed...

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