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The year 3, 4, 5 Lion King production is on 16th and 17th July at 9.15am

King K'ahk' Tiliw chan Yopaat

Today Year 6 went to visit the Archaeology and Anthropology Museum in Cambridge. Their particular interest was learning about the Mayan civilisation and there were lots of fascinating artefacts to examine - carefully.


The children were also introduced to the plaster cast copy of the statue of King K'ahk' Tiliw chan Yopaat (Fire-burning Sky Lightning God) who is famous for his magnificent beard, his 'to die-for' feathered headdresses and for defeating his fierce rival - King Nineteen Rabbits - in a brutal and bloody battle. (The tentative proposal of settling their differences in a carrot-eating competition didn't gain any traction.)

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