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Harvest Production

Before and after school this week, the playground was awash with excitement and buzzing with anticipation as parents discussed the subject of the upcoming Harvest Production in hushed tones of awe.


Many were wondering how the spectaculars of the last few years could be matched, let alone bettered!


However, with another vastly entertaining script from the perfectly balanced, diamond-encrusted fountain pen of Miss Kounnou, some clever reworking of well-know songs (even I had heard most of them before!) and the children's customary and unquenchable enthusiasm, this year's event was undoubtedly 'up there' and contending with the very best.


You can get a flavour (or a reminder) by looking on our school video media thingumybob site:


There are some still photos below too - from the rehearsal...

  • There are no events for the next 10 weeks.
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