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Happy Retirement Mrs Dewey!

Mrs Dewey, our office manager, has retired after being with the school since it began in 2002. Not only was she one of our first members of staff, but she was also on the Governing Body that shaped Ridgefield Primary School, from the design of the building, the colours of the school, the uniform and its name. Her knowledge of the school and its history is second to none.


We would like to thank her for her hard work over the years and her advice and support that she gave the school. We are sorry to see her leave and will miss her very much.


We know Mrs Dewey is looking forward to spending more time on scrap booking, doing research on the Royal Family, supporting the Red Arrows and following Strictly Come Dancing on the television. She may even start truck spotting again. We wish all the happiness in the world as she starts her retirement.


Here are some photographs and videos from Mrs Dewey’s ‘good-bye’ assembly:

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