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Forest School Progress

If you missed the recent newsletter introducing the exciting creation of our Forest School - you can find the relevant extract below. Since that event, there has been more feverish activity - so here are some photos of 'children with branches' taken this week, whiich prove that work is indeed progressing apace...


"Fifteen volunteers from the Formulations Department in AstraZeneca were in school on Wednesday to help us create a Forest School at the back of the school field. This event came about as a result of our involvement with Blue Smile. AstraZeneca supports the work of Blue Smile through fund raising and providing practical help to the partnership schools.


"The 15 volunteers spent many hours clearing most of the undergrowth and creating trails up the mound and through the bushes. We now have a fire pit area. A huge thank you to AstraZeneca for all their help. They left us with many scratches on their arms and legs from the thick bramble and  wishing that they had a forest school area when they were in school.


"We are amazed at the size of the area that we have uncovered. Ms Hinton, our Forest School practitioner is looking to further develop this area. We need to clear more undergrowth and create more exploration spaces."



  • There are no events for the next 10 weeks.
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