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First LEGO league - robot games!

On Tuesday 18th January a team of robotics engineers from Years 5 and 6 virtually attended the annual First LEGO League Robot games. 


The children had spent the first couple of weeks of term working flat out to design, build and program a LEGO robot capable of taking part in a series of challenges all involving cargo transport. The robot had to be able to delivery a package, close various gates and push items on the game mat. The final design featured a lifting 'tail' which was capable of having a delivery 'hand' added to the end. 


Separately to this robot, the children had to innovate a solution to a problem they had identified. They came up with the idea of a kind of self-driving delivery van, which would drop off smaller delivery robots locally. They had to present this idea to a panel of judges on the day! 


The children did really well, presenting their ideas very clearly. The robot was not quite so well behaved on the day but did achieve most of the tasks they sent it out to do!

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