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Earthworms Disrupt Christmas Lights Switch-On

The appearance of an enormous knot of earthworms caused significant disruption to this year's Christmas Lights Switch-On in the courtyard yesterday.


(Apparently, 'knot' is a genuine collective noun for worms - as ridiculous as that whole 'naming groups of animals with obscure, vaguely related words and then remembering hundreds of them to irritate your friends at parties' thing has undoubtedly become.)


Largely caused by the dainty tapping toes of our energetic Year 4 pupils, the emergence of the wriggly invertebrates caused some distress: "It was horrible," said one pupil (who asked to remain anonymous). "They were all over my shoes. I thought I'd got an extra pair of laces!"


See if you can spot the consternation in the photos - but don't mistake the annoying antics of the year 6 kids waving at the photographer for Helminthophobia, scoleciphobia or vermiphobia...


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