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Class 4H Evacuated to Stibbington

Having spent several minutes attempting to think of a fresh, new, entertaining and appropriately energetic approach to describing the latest installment of the 'Yearly Evacuation to Stibbington' story, I am now ready to concede defeat. There are only so many different ways to carve a wooden snake from an acacia root.


Therefore, we'll keep it short and punchy. The delightful children (and yes, I say that without a trace of irony - they really are lovely) of 4H went to Stibbington to learn first-hand about what life as an evacuee during World War II would have been like. Taking lessons from an old-fashioned teacher (with old-fashioned discipline) in a wood-panelled dingy room, eating spam sandwiches and crouching in an air-raid shelter listening to sirens and the drone of propellers is a day out not to be missed - and they didn't miss out.


Enjoy the photographs...

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