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Class 1D meets the New Vicar

On R.E day we went to visit Johannes the new vicar at St Martin’s church. He told us all about how he became a vicar and the tribe his parents took him to as a child! He has been training for the last five years and only became a vicar 4 weeks ago.


He told us about what difference being a Christian makes to his family – that at night he reads bible stories to his family and they have children’s bibles. He told us how people don’t only come to church on Sundays, but they meet at the church on other days to do singing and other group activities.


Johannes went on to explain about the play area in the church which allows the children and adults to all be together. He also told us about why the church is a triangle shape – to represent the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and that most churches used to be designed in a cross shape

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