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Chloe selected as 'Participant of the Year' from over 5000 children across Cambridge!

As part of the 10th anniversary of the Premier League Charitable Trust, Cambridge United – who work with children from across the school - were asked to select a ‘Participant of the year’ from the schools they worked with for a special award. In the past year Cambridge United have worked with over 5000 children in lots of different schools. We are very proud of announce that their chosen recipient for the award is Chloe Craik in Year 6. In a short summary to the Premier League explaining why they had selected Chloe, Ashley Dyer, Primary Education Manager of Cambridge United Community Trust wrote:


“Over the past year, Chloe has participated in a number of Premier League Primary Stars sessions, including a PSHE programme centred around personal development, where she demonstrated an outstanding attitude towards teamwork. She also participated in our Mini Match Reporting project & has just completed an aspirations-based project. Her conscientious contributions towards these sessions was again exemplary. Perhaps her greatest achievement came as a result of her involvement in our maths-based ‘Club Takeover Project’: where participants are empowered to make key decisions for the club, justified by maths. Chloe has soared through these sessions with aplomb & recently shared with us that she not only enjoys maths a lot more now, but that her test scores had rocketed up since we began. Chloe is the model embodiment of the Premier League values & her engagement with our online & outdoor content during the period of school closures further emphasises her commitment to our programme.”


Well done Chloe – what a great accolade it is to be chosen from so many children across Cambridge
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