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Beware the Mighty ‘Cephalobad’

This week, reports have reached us that a small number of children in 6K were bitten (or should that be ‘pecked’) by the beak of a radioactive squid during a freak fishing accident off the Isles of Scilly over the summer break.


Everyone who knows the story of The Incredible Hulk will be unsurprised to learn that when these children are exposed to SATs practise papers during the school day (or for that matter when they have to miss minutes from their golden time on Friday afternoon) they immediately transform into bizarre comic-book super squid-like creatures and enact titanic battles between good and evil in the school courtyard.


Parents should not be alarmed as the situation is under control (we now have a governor-approved policy for this matter – currently at issue 1.3.1) but if you or your children should spot either of the combatants, the advice from Mrs Morten is to not approach either and to walk in the opposite direction in a calm but purposeful manner.


For your information, here are the characters in question, expertly drawn by T.C.

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