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In response to yesterday's news post about our Harvest Assembly, the school today received an official complaint from senior executives of the Venerable Guild of Ceramic Tree Frogs.


They took great exception to the casual way that the author used a "tired old stereotype" to imply that their members "lacked lustre and sparkle..." in what they claim was " entirely unacceptable and ultimately doomed attempt to illicit 'cheap laughs' from a captive audience."


Furthermore, they wanted to express in the strongest terms their view that "...being chipped or second-hand should present no hindrance to complete acceptance in this modern world of mutual understanding, tolerance and respect."


The school's senior leadership team has accepted the complaint in its entirety and has apologised profusely and without reservation to The Guild. As a consequence, our chastened news editor has been 'spoken to' about his conduct and has promised to write only about things that actually happened (at least until the end of the week).

  • There are no events for the next 10 weeks.
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